2018 in Music, to me, at least.

Well, as the saying goes, “this year isn’t last year”, and I definitely listened to less music than I did in 2017 – but I don’t know if that was absolutely a bad thing. For me, 2018 was much more a year of movies. I had gotten a MoviePass and used that goddamned thing every time I was able to until it said I couldn’t anymore. Continue reading “2018 in Music, to me, at least.”


On Chesil Beach/Action Point

To start, probably the simplest way for me to think about On Chesil Beach in concert with Action Point is that both flicks, for better or for worse, seem to be trying something. Albeit, a something that probably would have been a tad more successful 10 years ago, but still it’s something. Continue reading “On Chesil Beach/Action Point”

Woodcock and Watergate: All the President’s Men & Phantom Thread

Of course, it’s Friday – not Thursday – but since nothing really matters, here we are. In the spirit of movies that would be better suited for more obvious pairings, today I’ll be dealing with PTA’s latest (not so) brief conversation with a hideous man, Phantom Thread, as well as the equally sartorially-inclined classic of 70’s cinema, All the President’s Men.  Continue reading “Woodcock and Watergate: All the President’s Men & Phantom Thread”

Of Milkshakes and Marmalade: There Will Be Blood & Paddington 2

Daniel Plainview and Paddington, two individuals searching for family, memory, and a deeper connection between themselves and the people around them. Both frustrated and imprisoned (literally, in Paddington’s case) by personalities and hegemonies they don’t understand while desperately wanting to be a part of. Continue reading “Of Milkshakes and Marmalade: There Will Be Blood & Paddington 2”